Backwoods Black Russian 24ct Box




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Without a doubt, the most thrilling flavour of the year is Backwoods Limited Edition Black Russian Cigars! As we’ll see below, they’re not just wrapped in a natural leaf but also flavor-infused with deep, real flavours. Our store is the ideal place to get¬†exotic backwoods for sale Canada at the best prices. Backwoods Black Russian 24ct, exotic backwood flavors, backwoods montreal

That’s correct, a special master blend of burley and Virginia tobacco is inside each Backwoods Black Russian cigar. As expected, these bad guys are further improved to the hilt with quality coffee liquor and iced vodka flavour. In order to feel the hype, buy a 24-pack value box of Backwoods Black Russian Cigars if you’re seeking for something strong and superior-tasting.

Backwoods Black Russian 24ct

When Backwoods Cigars first arrived in the United States in 1981, cigar enthusiasts took an instant liking to them. These cigars, known as Wild and Mild, were quite popular very quickly. The cigars smell great and have a nice flavour. They have a lovely, light taste and are the ideal combination of natural and treated tobacco. The cigars have a distinct appearance due to their ragged end and tapered body. For cigar smokers seeking for a new offer, this appearance makes it even more alluring.

Exotic backwood flavors

These mild cigars have a ring gauge of 27 and measure 4 1/8 inches in length. These cigars come in packages of 8 with 5 cigars each and have a naturally produced Indonesian wrapper. The product is an excellent choice for clients looking for a cheap yet pleasant cigarette because it is competitively priced, has a smooth draw, and burns quickly. Backwoods are ideal for anyone looking for a casual, everyday cigarette because they have so many amazing attributes. They are also useful as presents and at gatherings.

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Machine Made:
Black Russian
24 Cigars
4 1/8 x 27


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