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The tobaccos used in the Backwood Dark Leaf Cigars are of the highest quality, and the cigars themselves have a dark, delicious wrapper. A dark, oily wrapper called Connecticut Broadleaf is use to give the cigars their robust flavour and aroma. The cigars have a pleasant, earthy flavour with undertones of spice and sweetness, and they have a medium body. If you’re looking for a cigar that’s tasty without being overpowering, go no further than buy Backwoods dark Leaf Canada.  Backwoods Dark Leaf for sale, backwoods single pack, limited edition backwoods

Backwoods Dark Leaf for sale

You won’t find another cigar like Backwood Dark Leaf Cigars anywhere else. The rich, smoky flavour of these cigars comes from their dark, natural wrapper. Cigars made with a combination of Dominican and Nicaraguan tobaccos are full-flavor, flavorful, and smooth. The smoke is made all the more special by the addition of a subtle sweetness from the dark leaf wrapper. If you’re a fan of cigars and are searching for something a little different and savoury, go no further than Backwoods Dark Leaf Cigars.

limited edition backwoods

Cigar smokers curious about the advantages of smoking often choose Backwood Dark Leaf Cigars. The cigars’ rich body and distinct flavour come from the tobacco leaf, which is black and robust after being age to perfection. The lengthy smoking time is made possible by the cigars’ low combustion rate. The long burning procedure brings out the full complexity of the tobacco’s flavour. There’s a tinge of sweetness to the heavy smoke. If you’re curious in the health advantages of cigar smoking, Backwood77 Dark Leaf Cigars are a great place to start. Backwoods single pack,


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