Backwoods Cigars Original 24ct Box




Backwoods Cigars Original 24ct Box

These are the Backwoods Original 24ct Box ‘Wild and Mild’ cigars that laid the groundwork for Altadis’ popularity in the 1970s. For people who dislike fruity and overwhelming cigar flavours, Backwoods Cigars Original is fantastic. These cigars are made from all natural, additive-free tobacco! With these unique cigars that are made for men and are so well-liked because of their flavour and affordability, you may be a “Outdoors Man”! They are little approximately 4 1/8 inches long, but boy do they punch! They are kept fresh and moist just like the day they were rolled since they are packaged in foil bags that are tightly sealed. This limited edition is offered at the best price in a pack of 24 cigars! our store is the ideal place to get Backwoods cigars Canada at the best wholesale and retail prices with the most reliable delivery, backwoods montreal

Backwoods cigars Canada

Altadis USA Inc. creates and markets Backwoods Cigars. The same business that sells Phillies Cigars is the one behind this. Backwoods Cigars’ distinctive packaging has made them well-known. High-quality tobacco is stuffed into these machine-rolled cigars for optimal smoking pleasure and leisure. Backwoods Cigars are available in a wide range of sizes and packs. The single cigar, packs of five cigars, packs of two cigars, and packs of eight cigars are the most common. backwoods montreal

Quantity: 24 Cigars in Single Pouch

  • Strength: Mild Wrapper: Natural
  • Manufacturer: Altadis
  • Made: Puerto Rico
  • Size: 4 1/8 x 27


Machine Made:
24 Cigars in Single Pouch
4 1/8 x 27


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