Camel Activate Double Cigarettes (Mint+Purple)


One of the diamonds in Fresh Line is Camel Activate Double (Mint&Purple). The cigarettes have a 7mm diameter and are packaged in a small package. You can enjoy a combination of two flavors thanks to innovative technology. Every Camel Activate Double Cigarette has a distinctive flavor thanks to the second berry-flavored capsule and the mint capsule, which both add a truly fresh touch.

There are ten packs of 20 cigarettes (a total of 200 cigarettes) in each unit.


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One of the diamonds that make up Fresh Line is refer to as Camel Activate Double (Mint&Purple). It comes in a convenient package with cigarettes that have a diameter of 7 millimetres camel blue cigarette. You are able to enjoy a blend of two flavours thanks to the innovative technology cheap camel cigarettes Canada. Each and every one of the Camel Activate Double Cigarette has a flavour that can only be describe as one-of-a-kind thanks to the combination of the mint-flavored capsule and the berry-flavored capsule. our store is the ideal place to buy camel cigarettes online Canada. Camel cigarettes for sale online

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Here are Camel Activate Double Cigarette, the best option for smokers looking for a distinctive and pleasurable smoking experience. These cigarettes are create with innovation and perfection to give a delicious flavour burst with every inhale.

With the carefully designed dual capsule technology found in Camel Activate Double Cigarettes, consumers may personalise their smoking experience. Depending on your taste, a simple click will activate the flavour capsule inside the filter, producing either an alluringly smooth and rich flavour or a reviving burst of menthol.

Camel Activate Double Cigarettes

The unique construction of camel blue cigarette guarantees a uniform burn and flavour dispersion throughout the duration of the smoking session. Each cigarette is painstakingly made with premium tobacco that has been chosen for its rich, pleasant flavour.

Enjoy the distinct flavour of Camel Activate Double Cigarettes as you discover the ideal harmony of power and smoothness. These cigarettes offer a variety of options to fit your mood and cravings, whether you’re seeking for a delectable flavour twist or a cool menthol hit camel blue cigarettes.


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Pack of 20, Box of 200


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