Marlboro Fine Touch


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The new Marlboro Fine Touch Cigarettes Canada are a classy addition to the brand’s lineup. You should try Marlboro cigarettes if you’re curious in the subtle blend of tobacco used in them. Both seasoned smokers and novices will find that Marlboro Fine Touch cigarette are the best available. A new dimension of tobacco enjoyment awaits you with the smooth flavor of Marlboro Fine Touch. The world has moved on, and you’re losing out if you haven’t tried Marlboro Fine Touch. You won’t be let down by the taste of Marlboro Fine Touch cigarettes, so if you can’t locate them in a local tobacco shop, I recommend ordering them online. Have you checked out what Marlboro has to offer?

Marlboro Fine Touch Cigarettes Canada

There are twenty cigarette in a pack of Marlboro Fine Touch.
Nicotine level per cigarette is 0.4 milligrams, and tar content is 4 milligrams.
You may get these cigarettes in a convenient little package.

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You can also get other varieties of Marlboro, like the original Gold, the Mini, the Black Gold, the Red, the Flavor Plus, the Touch, and the Double Mix.

There are twenty cigarette in a pack of Marlboro Fine Touch.

Marlboro Micro Cigarettes

Old Holborn Original Blue 5x50g


1 pack, 1 Carton


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