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Backwoods Russian Cream was first made available in the United States of America in 1981, and almost immediately became popular among cigar enthusiasts. These cigars, which were marketed under the name Wild and Mild, became an overnight sensation. The cigars have a flavor similar to honey, and their scent is really pleasant. The ideal store to buy backwoods russian cream Canada, Backwoods Russian Cream 24ct, russian cream backwoods for sale, Backwoods all flavors

Backwoods Russian Cream 24ct

They have a wonderful mixture of natural and processed tobacco that has a flavor that is not overpowering at all. The cigars have a distinctive appearance because to their tapering bodies, which culminate in rough edges at the very end. Cigar aficionados who are looking for a fresh bargain will find that this appearance makes the product more tempting.

russian cream backwoods for sale

These cigars measure 4 1/8 inches in length and have a ring gauge of 27. They are considered to be moderate. These cigars come in eight different packages, each containing five cigars, and include a wrapper that was grown and produced in Indonesia. Customers who are looking for a smoke that is not only inexpensive but also satisfies them will find excellent value in this product because it has a reasonable price,  Backwoods all flavors an easy draw, and is easy to light. People who are looking for a cigarette that can be enjoyed on a more casual, day-to-day basis will find that Backwoods are the ideal option. They are also useful for giving out as presents and at celebrations.


Russian Cream
Machine Made:
24 Cigars
4 1/8 x 27


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