Backwoods Cigars Small Batch 002 / 5 Exclusive Cigars




Backwoods Small Batch 002 cigars Canada

The Backwoods Small Batch 002 cigars in Canada are the newest and greatest in the small batch limited edition series. Exceptional full-bodied leaves from a once-in-a-lifetime harvest were hand-selected by artisan tobacco growers. After another examination by tobacco specialists, the tobacco was hand-crafted in the Dominican Republic to perfection. It is the height of achievement. the highest level of cigar pleasure. The best pricing on Backwoods Small Batch can be found online at Tobacco General. Our store is the ideal place to get Backwoods Small Batch 002 cigars at the best prices. backwoods 002, limited edition backwoods

A wooden box contains these Small Batch 002 Backwoods Cigars. If you want to buy these fantastic cigars as a gift, this packaging format is perfect. You can find ALL the necessary backwoods flavours by browsing our selection of BACKWOODS PRODUCTS. Limited edition backwoods

  • Shape: Cigarillos
  • Size:  4.55″ x 27
  • Wrapper Color: Maduro
  • Origin: Dominican Republic
  • Manufacturer: ALTADIS
  • Single Wood Box of 5 Cigars


Backwoods Cigars
Wood Box
Machine Made:
5 Cigars
4.55″ x 27

These cigars are a limited run of a premium tobacco blend created from a one-of-a-kind and extinct crop of carefully chosen full-bodied leaves. These leaves are hand-selected by artisan tobacco producers, who then have Backwoods‘ tobacco experts perform a second inspection. then in the Dominican Republic, manufactured to hideous perfection.

Backwoods Small Batch cigars, Batch No. 0-0-2, come in 5-packs in each unit. They come in the traditional Backwoods foil pouch that you have come to anticipate. The bag comes wrapped in a distinctive wooden box appropriate for these rare and special smokes. To avoid using any metal or hinges, the cigar box is entirely built of wood with a sliding wooden opening on the end.



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