Backwoods Caribe [Formerly Rum] (Pack Of 5 Cigars)



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We remain the best store to buy backwoods cigars Canada. It comes in a unique box and stands out due to its frayed end, tapered body, and unfinished top. Therefore, Altadis U.S.A., Inc. in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, the American subsidiary of French/Spanish parent company Altadis S.A., is responsible for the production and distribution of rustic cigars in the United States. Get authentic Backwoods cigars for sale in Toronto. Order backwoods cigars montreal, backwoods cigars Canada, backwoods wraps

Backwoods cigars for sale in Toronto

Wonderful rum flavor characterizes each puff of a Backwoods Rum cigar.
There are 40 cigars in all, spread among 8 packs of 5.
Four 100mm in width
Weak and Sugary in Strength

Do they originate in the Dominican Republic, or did a cowboy in the old west roll them?

Tobacco of the highest quality is used in their production, and the leaves are aged for at least a year to bring out their natural sweetness before being flavored. These cigars are then rolled by hand in the Dominican Republic. Order backwoods cigars montreal

When Backwoods cigars were first released to the public on a national scale in 1981, they became an instant hit. Cigar smokers were particularly fond of the “WILD & MILD” variety due to its unconventional shape and appearance (a frayed end, tapering body, and unfinished head). Backwoods wraps

Backwoods cigars Canada

Tobacco in many modern cigars is compressed unevenly because of the cigar’s refined and precise shape. The Backwoods are rolled loosely with an even pressure, producing a cigar with a rustic appearance yet a smooth draw and robust flavor.

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