Backwoods Banana Single Cigars 40 Ct Box



Availability:Ships within 24-72 Hours

Weight:1.00 LBS

Minimum Purchase:1 unit


Brand:Backwoods Cigars


Machine Made:Yes

Quantity:40 Cigars

Size:4 1/8 x 27

Packaging:40 Packs of 1 Cigars



banana backwoods near me

our store is the ideal place to get banana backwoods near me. Famous for their low price and fragrant filler of all-natural tobaccos flavoured with honey, Backwoods Banana are also a fan favourite. The frayed tip, roughened head, and tapered body give these cigars their own distinctive appearance. Cigar smokers who want their experiences to take place in natural settings will appreciate Backwoods Honey’s rustic design. Cigars come in 8 packs of 5, each packaged in a foil pouch designed to seal out air and preserve the cigar’s flavour and aroma. You can enjoy the light body and robust flavour of the smoke while sipping on a light lager.  Banana backwoods, banana blunt wraps, banana woods, banana backwoods 5 pack

banana blunt wraps

  • Quantity: 40ct Display
  • Strength: Mild
  • Wrapper: Natural
  • Manufacturer: Altadis
  • Made: Puerto Rico
  • Size: 4 1/8 x 27


Backwoods Cigars
Machine Made:
40 Cigars
4 1/8 x 27
8 Packs of 5


BACKWOODS’s banana cigars are big sellers. Because it is so well-known, many people enjoy this flavour. Can’t put your finger on it. To find out, just purchase a few from our web store. Banana crate from the wild

Until 2022, banana was surprisingly one of the BACKWOODS FLAVOURS that had to be taken off the market. The sale of the Backwood Banana has resumed. In addition, a full BOX OF BACKWOODS flavoured like this is available for purchase in our shop. Now is the time to take action, so don’t squander it. banana woods

Advantages of Smoking The cigars from the Backwood Banana Cigar Company have a distinct flavour, a lovely scent, and a relaxing smoke. Those looking for a novel smoking experience will appreciate the banana flavour, which gives the smoke a mild sweetness. The cigar’s natural wrapper preserves its flavour and aroma, while the tobaccos used in the blend produce a mild and delicious smoke. The cigars are ideal for individuals who like to take their time smoking because of their long burn period and low ignition difficulty. banana backwoods 5 pack


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