Backwoods Cigars Original Wild N’ Mild


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Backwoods Cigars Original Canada

Our store is the best place to get Backwoods Cigars Original Canada Wild N’ Mild. Since 1981, customers have rave about Backwoods Original Cigars, which are handcrafted with tobacco that is 100% natural and contains no filler. Cigars from the original Backwoods brand provide a moderate, nutty tobacco combination that is ideal for a day of adventuring in the great outdoors. Make sure you don’t miss out and place your order right now!. However, you can also get backwoods Original cigars for sale, backwoods cigars wholesale, backwoods for sale near me, exclusive backwoods

backwoods Original cigars for sale

In 1981, Backwoods Original Wild and Mild Cigars were release to the public, and they quickly became a favorite. These cigars have just the right amount of flavor and mildness to enjoy in the fresh air. Their manly allure is enhance by their impermeable foil sack and rough appearance.exclusive backwoods

Although Backwoods cigars are available in many various blends, styles, and flavors. Its original mix is especially well-liked by individuals who identify as “rugged men.” The rough, rugged look of the frayed end and the unfinished head give these cigars a classic appeal among outdoor enthusiasts. These cigars are package in an airtight foil pouch to keep them from drying out and losing their distinctive flavor. These cigars are drier than typical, yet they are constructed with high-quality tobacco. And are bursting with the savory sweetness and enticing perfume of their signature flavors. They have a very light smoke and come in boxes of 8. Backwoods cigars wholesale

• Quantity: 24 Cigars in Single Pouch

 Strength: Mild • Wrapper: Natural
• Manufacturer: Altadis
• Size: 4 1/8 x 27




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